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Freeze dried peas



Biofoods is a developer of business possibilities, solutions and healthy food products, which uses freeze-drying technology.

In-depth knowledge, extensive experience and a team of experts allow us to be at the forefront of the development of innovative products and solutions.


We offer creative and transformative approach, which seeks to provide tailored responses for a wide range of projects.



The SIDUS Group was founded in 1938 and over time was positioned as one of the most prestigious pharmaceutical companies in Argentina, recognized by the medical community as one of the leaders.



Biofoods, together with Berries de Argentina (Agribusiness Division) and Tecnoplant (Development of Bioproducts and Phytomedicinal Projects), belongs to this group of companies.

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Proud to be a responsible and conscious company, we have facilities specially designed for the development of freeze dried products, with the aim of satisfying all our customers.


Biofoods has its own freeze drying plant, located in the city of Gaiman, in the argentine Patagonia. It has a processing capacity of 18,000 kilos per month, under the highest and most demanding quality guidelines.

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The freeze drying equipment consists of a drying chamber, the vacuum system, a condenser and control instrumentation.

The drying chamber provides the process with a clean and sterile environment, where the conditions of temperatures and depression generated by the vacuum system, required for the extraction of the water that is retained by the condenser without thermal deterioration of the product, occur. The instrumentation of control is vital to guarantee that the parameters that allow the best result are maintained.

The freeze dryer equipment of the Gaiman Plant was developed and manufactured in Argentina by the company INVAP SE.

They have an innovative method to obtain vacuum by means of steam ejectors. They are passive, with simple operation and little maintenance, activated by steam.




The oldest antecedents refer to the Inca culture, which applied the principles used in freeze drying to conserve their food. In the heights of the Andes mountain range, harvested and stored crops were frozen by low night temperatures and low air pressure, conditions which also slowly removed water.


At present, the process practically does not affect volatile or thermosensitive nutrients, which allows to preserve the nutritional value of the original product and to have a much longer shelf life.

It consists of freezing the product's water so that the ice formed sublimates - a process through which a solid turns into a gas without going through the liquid state - by applying heat under vacuum conditions (low pressure).


Through this process, the food can lose up to 99.5% of its water content. The elimination of water allows freeze dried foods to retain their qualities for long periods and also to reduce their weight. It also reduces drastically their transportation cost and makes them especially suitable for long-term storage as emergency supplies.

Nutrient conservation studies in lyophilized foods, specifically lyophilized fruits, have already been supported by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

BIOFOODS is a company of the SIDUS Group

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Province of Chubut

Argentine Patagonia


Tel: +54 11 4796 6800

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